About Us
The mission of Infrared Rx, Inc. is to discover, develop and deliver improved measures of skeletal muscle blood flow and mitochondrial function for use in bettering patient health.

Kevin McCully, PhDFounder, Chief Scientific Officer
Dr. McCully is a world-renown expert in skeletal muscle metabolism and near-infrared spectroscopy. For over twenty years, he has explored non-invasive approaches to understanding skeletal muscle metabolism, blood flow and oxygen utilization.  His work has sought to better understand disabling muscle disorders as a result of chronic illnesses and injuries.
Jonathan R. Murrow, MDFounder, Chief Executive Officer
Dr. Murrow has led the development of new educational, clinical and research programs.  His research interests include understanding the mechanisms of vascular dysfunction from atherosclerosis. Murrow
 Kent Nilsson, MD — Founder, Chief Medical Officer
 Dr. Nilsson is a board certified cardiologist, specializing in the study of cardiovascular disease, internal medicine, and minimally invasive clinical cardiac electrophysiology.  Nilsson